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Bookkeepers Specialized in QuickBooks

  • We serve the whole San Antonio metro area
  • We can work on a project basis (e.g. “Help me catch up with the last 3 months of backlog”) or perform daily, weekly or monthly tasks
  • All our bookkeepers are trained and kept current on any QuickBooks development
  • We run thorough background checks on all our bookkeepers

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We’re here to help if:

  • You company is growing and you are getting too busy with your clients and employees to be managing QuickBooks.
  • Your last bookkeeper left you in a bit of a tight spot.
  • You fell behind with your books and you need some extra horsepower to get caught up.
  • You already have someone in-house, but he/she might need some training or oversight.

Why are ProLedge Bookkeeping Services unique?

We charge the same prices as independent bookkeepers and you get the benefits of a full fledge firm behind you. Thanks to our processes and our size, we can offer bookkeeping at very competitive prices.

  • Affordable: We match the qualifications of our bookkeepers to your needs so that you don’t have to pay for a higher level bookkeper when the task at hand is not too complex. We tune our staffing as your requirements evolve.
  • Dependable: No risk of your bookkeeper quitting on you or getting too busy. You’d be hiring a firm, not an individual.
  • Trust: We run background checks on all our bookkeepers and we train them on an on-going basis.
  • Fully Insured, including Errors and Omissions coverage.
  • Convenience, with many different options on how we can access and manage your QuickBooks files and your documents.
  • And last but not least, Quality. Each year, your CPA will have to make only minor adjustments and this will save you additional costs down the road.

Can an independent bookkeeper match this?

We can address any of your QuickBooks needs

  • Setting up a new QuickBooks company files and configuring them.
  • Getting you caught up on a backlog of work
  • Helping clean up legacy issues
  • Day-to-day QuickBooks help
    • Bank account and credit card reconciliations
    • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
    • Inventory management
    • Etc.
  • Training
  • Coordinating with your CPA
  • Consulting on more sophisticated projects such as:
    • Migration from one accounting package to another
    • Bookkeeping workflows
    • Warehouse management
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Note: ProLedge is a bookkeeping services firm, not an accounting firm. ProLedge is not certified, licensed or registered as a certified public accountant or certified public accountancy firm. Our mission is to have our San Antonio bookkeepers help you get your books in order so that they can be handed over to your CPA for tax preparation purposes.