Article on ProLedge in Austin Business Journal

Austin Business Journal, July 1, 2011

Extract: … Rafferty turned to Austin-based ProLedge Inc., which in the past few years has made major headway as a firm that neatly fits between the accounting firms and independent bookkeepers. ProLedge’s niche has enabled the firm to plot a statewide expansion. In May, the company — which employs 18 workers, none of which are certified public accountants — opened its third location in Dallas to add to operations in Austin and Houston. It’s scheduled to open additional offices in San Antonio and Fort Worth during the next 18 months…. Rafferty, of 8-year-old ActiveProspect, said ProLedge’s hybrid model enabled him to get his bookkeeping done at about one-third the cost of conventional contracting methods.
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ProLedge quoted on Reuters

Reuters, May 24, 2011

Extract: How to handle e-statement overload… “Electronic organization, if done right, is ideal,” says Patrick Bonnaure, founder and CEO of bookkeeping services firm ProLedge… “For an individual, checking statements once a month is plenty,” says Bonnaure. Set aside some time each month to tackle all of them at once…Bonnaure suggests downloading the statements to a secure computer to ensure you still have access to your records… “People have to remember that before computers, they’ve been putting secure information in envelopes,” says Bonnaure. “The risks [of electronic statements] are reasonable as long as people know how to manage them.”
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ProLedge opens Dallas office

Press release issued on May 13, 2011

Extract: ProLedge Bookkeeping Services announces the opening of its latest office in Dallas, TX. ProLedge is a leading provider of bookkeeping services to small and medium size businesses nationwide, with offices in Austin, Dallas and Houston.
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ProLedge Bookkeeping Services Expand Into Houston Market

Press release issued on 1/28/11

Extract: ProLedge, the largest bookkeeping services firm in Austin, TX entered the Houston market in late 2010. They now offer bookkeeping services with local Houston bookkeepers and cover the whole Houston Metro Area.
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Breakthrough Austin and ProLedge Partner to support Education in Austin

Press release issued on 10/27/10

Extract:   Breakthrough is a nonprofit organization that helps low-income students become first generation college graduates. Each year Breakthrough admits a new class of 6th grade students from some of Austin’s lowest performing middle schools. Breakthrough’s six year program combines academic preparation, a college-going culture, family engagement and college preparation activities. More than 90% of Breakthrough students graduate from high school in 4 years and approximately 70% are enrolled in college.

As part of the alliance between ProLedge and Breakthrough, each time that a new client signs up for ProLedge’s services, ProLedge will fund the purchase of a backpack full of school supplies for one of Breakthrough’s students.
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Westbank Chat with Patrick Bonnaure

Westlake Picayune, 8/5/10

Name: Patrick Bonnaure

What is the latest project in which you are involved?
September is the busiest month for bookkeeping because tax extensions expire on Oct. 15. Our summer focus is to hire as aggressively as possible to prepare for the onslaught.

What would you say is one interesting fact about you that people probably don’t know.
I am a mutt – born in Switzerland, from French parents, raised in Italy, now American.

My most humorous moment was
My first date with Sarah, who eventually became my wife. Sarah prepared a sophisticated dinner, thinking that, as Frenchman, I would be refined about food and wine. The first comment out of my mouth: “This is good. Is it beef or chicken?” She pegged me as a slob right away.

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