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Bookkeeping with Quality and Efficiency

  • Our bookkeepers serve the whole Dallas – Fort Worth metro area. We have two offices; one in Dallas and one in Fort Worth. We come to you or work remotely, as you prefer.
  • Bookkeeping assignments range from short projects (e.g. QuickBooks cleanup) to longer term relationships (e.g. weekly or monthly activities).
  • Each of our Dallas and Fort Worth Bookkeepers has gone through a thorough background check and is trained on the latest QuickBooks updates.

Bookkeepers Dallas – Fort Worth

Bookkeeping Dallas – Fort Worth | Bookkeepers Dallas – Fort Worth


We might be a good fit if:

  • You’re onto your 3rd bookkeeper in as many years and you are looking for a more stable and reliable solution.
  • You are keeping up with QuickBooks yourself, but you’ve reached a point when your time could be better spent on higher value-added activities.
  • Basic day-to-day bookkeeping is handled by your receptionist or office manager, but once a month, you could use some additional expertise to review QuickBooks and perform the more complex tasks.

What sets ProLedge Bookkeeping Services apart?

We charge the same prices as independent bookkeepers and you get the stability of a full-fledge firm behind you.

If you were to outsource your payroll, would you go to an independent bookkeeper or to a specialized company like Paychex, ADP or Intuit? Most likely the latter because these large companies give you peace of mind at the same or lower price than an independent bookkeeper. The same applies to bookkeeping. Firms like ProLedge offer benefits that can’t be matched by independent bookkeepers:

  • No risk of your Dallas-Fort Worth bookkeeper disappearing on you and leaving you in a tight spot. You are hiring a firm not an individual.
  • Affordable: No “one size fits all”. Your bookkeeping needs change over time. Sometimes you need a very experienced bookkeeper to solve a complex issue. Sometimes you need a lower cost bookkeeper to get high volume work done. At ProLedge, we will assign bookkeepers that match your needs so that you never over-pay.
  • Trust: our Dallas-Fort Worth bookkeepers are screened, background checked and continuously trained
  • We are fully Insured, including E&O coverage (Errors and Omissions)
  • If this is appropriate for you, we can host your QuickBooks file on our server so that you and our bookkeepers can access your file remotely and in a multi-user setting.
  • And last but not least, we provide such quality work, that we will save you billable hours with your CPA.

Can an independent bookkeeper match this?


A broad range of QuickBooks support options

  • Setting up a new QuickBooks company file.
  • Catching up on a few months of backlog that you may have.
  • Monthly, weekly or daily bookkeeping tasks such as:
    • Bank account and credit card reconciliation
    • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
    • Etc.
  • Training
  • Cleaning up problems that might be occurring in your QuickBooks file
  • Coordinating efforts with your CPA
  • Consulting on more specialized solutions such as:
    • Inventory management
    • Migration from one accounting application to another


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Dallas office:
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   3102 Maple Ave., Suite 400
   Dallas, TX 75201

Fort Worth office:
   ProLedge Bookkeeping Services
   5601 Bridge Street, Suite 300
   Fort Worth, TX 76112

Note: ProLedge is a bookkeeping services firm, not an accounting firm. ProLedge is not certified, licensed or registered as a certified public accountant or certified public accountancy firm. Our mission is to have our Dallas-Fort Worth bookkeepers help you get your books in order so that they can be handed over to your CPA for tax preparation purposes.