QuickBooks Money Saving Tip

During these hot summer months the idea of turning off the computer, silencing the cell phone and escaping to somewhere cooler or tropical sounds appealing.  But, we live in an automated world, reachable 24/7 virtually anywhere.  As a small business owner on holiday, do you find that you’re never really “off work”?
Sometimes us bookkeepers gaze out the window and remember a simpler time; reminiscing about what it truly meant to be off the grid.  *sigh*  It was the good ol’ days.  

But then we turn our attention back to the business at hand and realize the beauty of automation for our clients.  It means instant gratification and savings.  As bookkeepers, saving time and money puts smiles on our faces.
That’s why we love QuickBooks so much.  We think it’s the best program out there for our business clients.  It’s user-friendly and makes inputting transactions, correcting mistakes and generating financial reports a breeze.  
Another thing that makes us bookkeepers giddy over QuickBooks is the importing transactions feature.  This feature allows for automated data entry from your financial institution.  Most banks create downloadable transactions that seamlessly import into QuickBooks, saving hours of time on entering each transaction separately.  
One important thing to note is that many banks only allow these electronic transaction downloads for a designated number of previous months.  So, if you’re looking at ways to cut costs and you aren’t a QuickBooks user, now is the time to get on board.  Remember, the quicker we get data entered, the more money you save.
If you have any questions about the process or the rules of your banking institution, don’t hesitate to ask your ProLedge Account Manager.  

If you aren’t a current ProLedge client, but need help getting your books in order, give us a call at 877.503.8607. We offer the stability of a firm at the price of an independent bookkeeper – we will be happy to explain our money saving business model during your free consultation.
Stay cool this summer and enjoy the rest of your holiday.  You can relax knowing ProLedge is here taking care of business and saving you money.

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