It’s Crunch Time!

Tax time is upon us.  Here are a few friendly reminders to help relieve the stress of the season.

1. Make sure your 2012 books are closed out. There are only a few days left to get this done. This one step delays the entire filing process. Clients that are slow to get their bookkeeping or accounting firm this data run the risk of missing the filing deadline. Help us help you!

2. 1099’s and W2’s must go out by January 31st. This can’t be done unless you follow rule #1 and get your 2012 books in order and closed.

3. Plan ahead for 2013! Talk to your bookkeeper or accountant and create a system to keep you organized all year. Small changes in your day-to-day routine will indeed help you avoid the panic of scrambling to meet your tax deadlines next year.

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