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Bookkeeper Breakdown: What Does Your Growing Business Need?

As a growing small business owner, you might find the bookkeeping portion of running your business becoming more and more important… and complicated.  You know it’s time to bring in a professional, but you aren’t sure which direction to turn. You could hire a full-time bookkeeper.  And pay them a full-time salary with benefits to sit in your office everyday, get the work done, and then chat it up in the break room, IM with cohorts and play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook when there’s nothing left to do.  You could definitely do that.  Or, you could consider remote bookkeeping […]

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Accounts Receivable: when your bookkeeper can help… and when he shouldn’t.

Accounts Receivable is usually the “happy place” in bookkeeping. That’s where the money is coming in. That beats Account Payable any day, doesn’t it? However, Accounts Receivable can be a major headache as well because it can get complicated very quickly and it can create embarrassing situations with your customers.

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