ProLedge Spotlight: Bookkeeping Advice From One of Our MVP’s

Another tax season has come and gone.  We survived!

Here are a few tips to make your 2013 tax filing process more of a breeze (and less gale force winds):

  • Don’t push your bookkeeping aside until the end of the year.
  • Let somebody else do it!
    • Hire an affordable payroll service provider and/or CPA to take care of any potential IRS/tax issues and responsibilities.
    • Remote bookkeeping services, such as ProLedge, will likely cost less than having a full time employee in-house and will deliver the same results.
  • Consider onsite training and/or consulting for current in-house bookkeeping employees on better bookkeeping techniques, procedures and to-date upkeep. Contact us for more details on these services.


This spring we’re focusing the spotlight on some outstanding ProLedge team members.  They’ll share tips, advice, what they love about number crunching, their clients and ProLedge.

Amber, ProLedge Account Manager

Amber, ProLedge Account Manager

First up, meet Account Manager, Amber Lantier Wright.

Amber has over 22 years combined experience in the public accounting industry and working directly with small business owners in industries such as: service, design/build firms, real estate, retail, non-profit, education, technology and manufacturing.

Q: Amber, if you were to tell a potential client why they should work with ProLedge what would you say? 

A: The ProLedge infrastructure is soundly built, with processes and procedures in place to sustain quality work, seamless transitions, and a network of bookkeepers that can share from diverse experiences – collectively offering benefits you won’t find with a single bookkeeper hired directly.

Q: Do you have a favorite client or account? What do they do that stands out? 

A: Yes, my favorite client is a larger corporation in the beauty education industry. What I enjoy the most is the complexity of their books – consolidating all company files to create a one-report-snapshot for management purposes. I find tremendous fulfillment in doing more than simply reporting on past financial transactions. I assist with reports that show the percentage of growth in the last couple of years and projecting what the next few periods will look like if they remain on track. My newest project is determining the cost per student factor – taking into account the percentage of students adding/dropping classes, in order to assist management with hiring needs, as well as, where their budget is best utilized for return on investment. I enjoy being a relevant player in a company’s ability to become profitable, remain profitable and… even better, finding ways to be more profitable by discovering under-performing cost centers.

Q: What bookkeeping tips or advice would you share with your clients to improve their experience?

A: Anything the client/business owner can do to equip us with access to source documents, without having to wait for scans or mail, allows them to do what you are best at – managing their business – without being interrupted with regular requests from us. With source documents we are able to meet client needs with timely and accurate reporting which in turn helps them make their business profitable. Sometimes there is hesitancy turning over credentials for ‘view only’ access to financial documents, but most clients eventually see the benefit and understand the information is secure.

Q: When you’re not delivering excellent customer service at ProLedge what do you prefer to do with your time?  

A: I am busy with four teenage daughters! I love spending time grilling, listening to music and playing games with close friends and family. I love being outside and working in the yard – weeding, planting or even mowing sometimes. Enjoying the live music scene in Austin has become one of my favorite things to do since moving here in 2004. It would be really hard to take me out of Austin, although I will always call Lafayette, LA, home!

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