ProLedge opens Dallas office

Press Release, May 13, 2011.

ProLedge Bookkeeping Services announced the opening of its latest office in Dallas, TX. ProLedge is a leading provider of bookkeeping services to small and medium size businesses nationwide. In the Austin, Houston and Dallas metro areas, where ProLedge has physical offices, clients can elect to have the ProLedge bookkeepers work at their office or remotely. Outside of these three markets, ProLedge offers bookkeeping services remotely, while still relying heavily on QuickBooks as the primary bookkeeping tool.

At the opening of the Dallas office, Patrick Bonnaure, founder and CEO of ProLedge Bookkeeping Services stated: “Nowadays, the technology is readily available for bookkeepers to support their clients 100% remotely and ProLedge fully embraces this evolution. However, for the foreseeable future, bookkeeping will remain a service for which a close contact between the client and the bookkeeper is critical. A growing portion of ProLedge’s client base is comfortable operating remotely with their bookkeeper, but the vast majority of our clients want to be able to meet face to face with their bookkeeper and to get to know that individual. Accordingly, we are committed to increasing the number of markets in which we have a local staff. The Dallas office is our latest addition.”

ProLedge’s new offices are located in the downtown area of Dallas, but its bookkeepers can support clients on location across the whole metro area. Clients can vary greatly in how they leverage their bookkeeper. Some clients will want their Dallas bookkeeper to do all the work at the client’s office. At the other end of the spectrum, some ProLedge clients want to meet their bookkeeper face to face just once and ask them to work remotely going forward. Many clients fall in between these two extremes, whereby they ask their bookkeeper to work mostly remotely for convenience sake, but schedule periodic face to face updates to maintain the personal contact.

The Dallas bookkeeping market is extremely fragmented. Outsourced bookkeeping services are offered pretty much exclusively by independent bookkeepers or by CPA firms. Hiring an independent bookkeeper is often fraught with risk as it is difficult to ascertain the competency and ethics of the individual. Accounting firms offers excellent quality bookkeeping, but at such high prices that they make sense only in few special situations. ProLedge Bookkeeping Services is positioned to offer a happy medium. ProLedge’s scale allows it to be competitive on price with independent bookkeepers, while offering the benefits and stability of a firm. All ProLedge bookkeeper are carefully hired, background checked and trained. The work is performed by staff bookkeepers and reviewed by senior staff, ensuring quality while keeping costs low.

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ProLedge offers bookkeeping services and QuickBooks consulting to small businesses with under 100 employees. In the Dallas, Houston and Austin metro areas, their local bookkeepers can work at the clients’ locations or remotely. In the rest of the US, ProLedge serves its clients remotely through a sophisticated online platform. ProLedge focuses exclusively on QuickBooks and supports all versions of the application.

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