ProLedge MVP Spotlight: Your Books Are In Good Hands

At ProLedge, it is our promise to focus on the books so you can focus on the business.  This spring we’re pulling the curtain back and introducing you to some of our MVP’s.  Your business is in good hands!

Meet Jill Carpenter, Staff Bookkeeper with ProLedge since January 2011. She’s been crunching numbers professionally since her first job out of high school.  For ProLedge, Jill interfaces with account managers to perform the daily bookkeeping tasks for clients.

Meet ProLedge MVP, Jill and her trusty sidekick, Hunter.

ProLedge MVP, Jill and her trusty sidekick, Hunter.

Q: Jill, you say you were born a bookkeeper?

A: I have worked as a bookkeeper in some form or fashion for almost 15 years, from my first job out of high school, through college and today.  While first pursuing a career with an environmental non-profit I found my obsessive attention to detail, love of efficiencies, and my honesty leading me to a life of bookkeeping.  Having embraced bookkeeping, I now enjoy honing my skills through continuing education courses in accounting and bookkeeping.  I’ve got to stay sharp!  I’ve been fortunate to work with a diverse client base over the years: newspapers, mom and pop shops, startups, consultants, photographers, advertising agencies, restaurants, non-profit organizations, doctors and corporations.  

Q: What advice would you recommend to someone considering outsourcing his or her bookkeeping services? What should they consider?

A: ProLedge is made up of a network of extremely knowledgeable and talented bookkeepers.  Bookkeeping is what we do and love.  We work behind the scenes, supporting the businesses and organizations that provide the goods and services that our communities depend on every day.  We help our clients do what they do well, while we do what we do well.  We take the guesswork out of financial housekeeping, enabling the groups we represent to be more focused, productive and successful in their work.
Q: What about this business/career are you most passionate?

A: The fun thing about bookkeeping is being able to support businesses and organizations in a real and meaningful way.  I am able to use bookkeeping as a powerful tool in the financial health and future of the companies I work with by providing the important information needed to make informed decisions, ultimately bettering their business.
Q: What do you do at ProLedge that makes you an MVP?

A: If you can fathom it – I was born a bookkeeper.  I enjoy what I do and I like to think that it shows.  At ProLedge, this is evident in the high quality services I provide to my clients at lightning fast speeds.  I like to challenge myself by finding new ways to approach tasks in order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of my work.  No bank reconciliation is like another, there’s always the potential to perfect the process.  
Q: Are there any tips/advice you could give your clients that would improve their bookkeeping processes and overall experience with ProLedge?

A: The best advice I can give for a pleasant bookkeeping experience is to share as much information about your business’ processes and financials as you can with your bookkeeper.  Knowing the idiosyncrasies of your business allows us to serve you more completely.

Q: When you’re not delivering excellent customer service at ProLedge what do you prefer to do with your time?

A:  I have always loved nature.  Lately, I have been enjoying the outdoors while trail running.  When I am not crunching numbers you can find me, and sometimes my lovable old dog, Hunter, happily trotting along a trail.  The Barton Creek greenbelt, Big Bend, the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, and the Hill Country State Natural Area are some of our favorites.   

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