ProLedge MVP: Customer Service

Cristina Fitzgerald, a relatively new addition to the ProLedge family, serves our clients as a Back Office Bookkeeper.  In just over a year, Cristina has become one of our ProLedge MVP’s.  We asked Cristina to evaluate ProLedge and help educate small business owners on what makes the ProLedge team so powerful.

Q: Why should a small business owner choose to do business with ProLedge?
A: The business owner can focus on their business, which is their area of expertise and let Proledge do the behind the scenes work. If a business owner spends all of his/her time doing the books they can’t do what they set out to do, so best to let us handle that.

Q: What makes you most proud about working for ProLedge?
A: I love the trust our management puts in us, giving us the freedom to work remotely from home.  I also love the variety of clients we have.

Q: Finish the sentence:

  • “When a business owner decides to partner with us they can expect….” to receive great customer service and quality, reliable work.
  • “What really makes us unique is …” we have locations all over Texas, but can work with anyone anywhere in the world with current technology.
  • “What makes us stand out is…” our customer service. I believe our Account Managers go over and above to take care of any and all client needs.

Q: Do you have a favorite client or account? What do they do that stands out?
A: Honestly, I really enjoy all of my clients. I have a diverse group and each one is completely unique; I love that. It’s always something different which helps keep me on my toes!  I enjoy learning about each company on my roster and understanding what they do or make.

Q: What do you do that stands out in the organization and makes you a ProLedge MVP?
A: I love what I do and am thankful for this opportunity. I try to process any work given to me in a timely manner and do it accurately and I’m always willing to do or try whatever is sent my way.

Q: When you’re not delivering excellent customer service at ProLedge what do you prefer to do with your time?
A: I enjoy spending time with my two children who are 14 and 18-years-old. I enjoying working out, cooking, gardening and watching sports. I also run my own non-profit called Peace, Love and Lemonade.  We raise awareness for tuberous sclerosis complex which is a disease my son has.

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