ProLedge Bookkeepers – Tailor Made For Your Business

As a financially responsible business owner there’s a lot to keep track of: taxes, cash flow, expenses, profitability, growth.  Of course, that’s in addition to daily operations, inventory management, employee management, sales and marketing.  You’ve got a lot of important responsibilities on your plate.

They’re all important, but the one thing that could send the whole operation rolling down hill fast is bad bookkeeping – poor knowledge and documentation of your revenue and outgoings.  Many businesses who were otherwise very successful have collapsed from mismanagement of financial records.

Many seemingly profitable (and growing) companies have folded quickly due to unexpected cash flow problems.  The culprit?  Bad bookkeeping.  Paying for expenses from multiple accounts and then not submitting expense reports on a regular basis is one of the many things that can tarnish the effectiveness of your financial record keeping.  Without detailed and accurate bookkeeping, you can never really know your profitability margins, see the big picture and understand the sort of progress your business is (or is not) actually making.

That’s why at ProLedge we only hire Account Managers who have been or are currently self-employed bookkeepers who have successfully managed their own client load.  They have frontline skills in keeping a business operating successfully and are extremely competent in bookkeeping and creation of tailor made systems that work best for each client.  Most ProLedge Account Managers are also degreed in Accounting and/or Business Management and are also Intuit ProAdvisors.  The ProAdvisor certification means they know QuickBooks inside and out which ultimately saves you time and money, while offering peace of mind that your financial records are safe and accurate.

We encourage you to sit down and evaluate your bookkeeping processes and record management.  If you have a sliver of doubt, give ProLedge a call.  If you’re doing it on your own but are feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to give ProLedge a call.  If you have an in-house bookkeeper and don’t understand that side of the business well enough to know if they’re doing a great job, give ProLedge a call.  We’re here to talk through your current situation, evaluate your bookkeeping records and analyze your practices and offer the best solution to keep your business out of the red and on the path to success.  

It’s just one phone call, and a free one at that!  Don’t wonder if your business is in good hands, you’ve got too much on the line.  Give us a call for a free consultation (877.503.8607) or email us.

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