MVP Spotlight: Worry-Free Bookkeeping

Carol Ezell joined the ProLedge family less than two years ago.  With over 20 years of accounting experience, Carol is a strong weapon in the ProLedge arsenal providing confident experience, sincerity and know-how to our client base.  We asked Carol to share some of her knowledge of the business and spotlight what makes ProLedge a unique and effective bookkeeping solution for the small business community.

Carol brings 20 years of experience to the ProLedge team.

Carol brings 20 years of experience to the ProLedge team.

Q: Give a brief description of the day-to-day responsibilities of an Account Manager at ProLedge.

A: As an Account Manager I am responsible for all aspects of the client relationship.  I am available to serve them and make their bookkeeping worry-free.  After an initial client meeting, we come to agreement on how best to meet their needs, and then get started on their books.  Depending on the complexity of the account, I then train a staff bookkeeper to do some of the work, review the bookkeepers work at regular intervals, and stay in communication with my clients.

Q: Why should a small business owner choose to do business with ProLedge?

A: ProLedge can truly make a small business owner’s life, as well as their business, better.  I like to say our goal is to keep their bookkeeping worry free.  It is so rewarding to see clients transform from being frazzled about their books at our initial meeting, to feeling confident and relaxed about them after we get involved.  ProLedge account managers and staff bookkeepers bring to the table a great deal of experience, both in the business world, and with QuickBooks.  While you will develop a rapport with your account manager, there are others at ProLedge ready to step in if additional support is needed to get the job done.

Q: What makes you most proud about working for ProLedge?  Complete the following sentences:

A: When a business owner decides to partner with ProLedge they can expect…. A high degree of professionalism, and that their time, as well as their books, will be treated with respect.

A: What really makes ProLedge unique is… Each account manager is autonomous, but not alone.  We have the support of a proven team and processes, but are given the freedom to do what is best for our clients as we see fit.

A: What makes ProLedge stand out is… We never forget that we serve our clients, not the other way around.  To be honest, bookkeepers sometimes get the reputation for being pushy or bossy.  We certainly request what is needed to get the job done, but respect that it is the client’s timetable, not ours, that is the priority.   

Q: Do you have a favorite client or account? What do they do that stands out?

A: I really enjoy working with not-for-profit companies.  Their heart and passion for their constituents is inspiring.   It’s gratifying to know that more people or animals can be directly helped because ProLedge is providing the right reports at the right time so they can make better financial decisions.

Q: What do you do that stands out in the organization and makes you a ProLedge MVP?

A: I have a degree in accounting with over 20 years of accounting experience. I started my career as a staff accountant, and progressed to manager and controller roles.  But, I believe all of that means very little unless it is combined with a sincere desire to serve my clients, and to deal with them with the utmost respect and integrity.

Q: When you’re not delivering excellent customer service at ProLedge what do you prefer to do with your time?

A: I was born and raised in Texas, and live in Grapevine.  I have been married to my husband, Kerry, for 25 years.  We share a passion for rescuing homeless animals, and as a result have four dogs and one, very tolerant cat.  We also enjoy serving at our church.  I love working out and being outdoors, and have completed a number of triathlons and many running races ranging from 5K’s to marathons.

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