ProLedge Bookkeeping Services Expand into the Houston Market

The following press release was issued on January 28, 2011.

ProLedge, the largest bookkeeping services firm in Austin, TX entered the Houston market in late 2010. They now offer bookkeeping services with local Houston bookkeepers and cover the whole Houston Metro Area.

Patrick Bonnaure, founder and CEO of ProLedge Bookkeeping Services stated: “Our roots are in Austin and we remain extremely committed to our growth in Central Texas, but time had come for ProLedge Bookkeeping Services to expand its addressable market. Houston is a significantly larger market with a very vibrant small business community which looks to be a perfect fit for ProLedge’s innovative services.”

The Houston bookkeeping services market is extremely fragmented with the vast majority of small businesses leveraging independent Houston bookkeepers. ProLedge Bookkeeping Services is committed to bringing significantly greater level of professionalism, stability and cost efficiencies to a bookkeeping profession which has yet to see the rationalization and consolidation that other white collar services such as attorneys, CPAs and payroll providers have experienced to-date. Unlike with most small Mom-and-Pop operations, all ProLedge employees go through extensive background checks, are fully insured and are constantly trained. All staff is based in the US. ProLedge does not leverage any bookkeeping contractors. Thanks to its scale, ProLedge is able to deliver Houston bookkeeping services at prices comparable to independent Houston bookkeepers, while offering benefits to its clients that independent bookkeepers cannot match. One such benefit is the peace of mind of knowing that your bookkeeper won’t walk out on you tomorrow and leave you stranded, with the hassle of having to recruit and train a new bookkeeper.

Early successes with its Houston bookkeeping services are already pushing ProLedge to further add staff in the region. Houston bookkeepers and account managers are welcome to apply on the ProLedge website:

About ProLedge Bookkeeping Services
ProLedge offers bookkeeping services and QuickBooks consulting to small businesses with under 100 employees. In the Houston ( and Austin ( metro areas, their local bookkeepers can work at the clients’ locations or remotely. In the rest of the US, ProLedge serves its clients remotely through a sophisticated online platforms. ProLedge focuses exclusively on QuickBooks and supports all versions of the application.

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