End of Year Record Keeping: Let It Be Easy

We’re not wishing away time by telling you this, but the end of the year is near.  How are those books coming along?  I’d bet many of you are behind on your bookkeeping – but that’s okay! 

The good news is there’s still time to catch up on your record keeping so you can sail into the holidays with visions of sugar plums (not 1099’s and W2’s) dancing in your heads. 

Here are a few quick tips to help you dial back in and set yourself up for an easy end of year:

·      Document availability – Downloaded statements for 2013 or access via your online banking to get data for entry into QuickBooks

·      Make sure you have all vendor and independent contractor information for 1099’s and W9’s: Name, EIN or Social Security Number, and physical addresses

·      Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts

·      Update any new assets, liabilities (loans), and other balance sheet accounts

·      Review and clean up uncategorized transactions

·      Review and clean up accounts receivable and accounts payable (i.e. pay/collect outstanding bills and invoices)

·      Have your CPA review your books before the end of the year in case extra expenses need to be included.

The certified bookkeepers at ProLedge can guide you through the end of year process and get you organized and ready for 2014.  Give us a call at (877) 503-8607.

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