Bookkeeper Breakdown: What Does Your Growing Business Need?

As a growing small business owner, you might find the bookkeeping portion of running your business becoming more and more important… and complicated.  You know it’s time to bring in a professional, but you aren’t sure which direction to turn.

You could hire a full-time bookkeeper.  And pay them a full-time salary with benefits to sit in your office everyday, get the work done, and then chat it up in the break room, IM with cohorts and play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook when there’s nothing left to do.  You could definitely do that.  Or, you could consider remote bookkeeping services and only pay an hourly fee when you need the guidance and skills of a bookkeeper.

Many old-school business thinkers struggle with the idea of outsourcing such an integral piece of their business.  There’s no right or wrong way, but let’s review the beauty of the remote bookkeeper role and the benefits it can provide to your bottom line.

At ProLedge, we are a team of bookkeepers who know bookkeeping services are not just about data entry and bank account reconciliation.  We are excellent at three key objectives: helping you better run your business, facilitating tax preparation and providing bookkeeping files and data in real time using cloud hosting providers.

You can engage us for recurring work (daily, weekly or monthly) or you can hire us just for a short project when you need temporary QuickBooks support. There are no long-term commitments for our bookkeeping services and definitely no annual salary and benefits to pay out.

It’s really quite simple; the bottom line is… well, increasing the bottom line.

Our remote bookkeeping services range from:

Our QuickBooks services include:

So, should a bookkeeper work at your business location or remotely? It really all depends on your needs and comfort level.

Here at ProLedge, we have the staff and the technology to accommodate most situations: work on site, remotely or a hybrid of the two. We have a sophisticated technical infrastructure that allows you to share your QuickBooks file with our bookkeepers remotely and in a multi-user environment. You don’t need to use this technology if you are not comfortable with it, but if you believe that our technical platform could help you be more productive, we’d be happy to give you a demonstration of how it works.

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business without giving anything up, utilizing a remote bookkeeper can do just that.  And, at ProLedge, you get the expertise of a firm at the price of an independent bookkeeper.  We, too, started out as a small business and understand the desire to grow and succeed.

Give us a call (877.503.8607) and let us walk you through how you can have the best of both worlds… higher quality service at a lower cost. 

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