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Speak Human

Last week we talked about how technology has changed where and how we work.  This week we’re examining how that same technology has changed the landscape of marketing conversations and what small businesses can do to make the most of every point of communication – whether that’s B2B or B2C. In an age where almost everything can be accomplished with the click of a button or the swipe of a card, people can literally avoid human contact altogether if they want to.  If you’re old-fashioned, you probably still walk in the bank, stand in line and discuss the weather with […]

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Telecommuting: A Win-Win Situation

The work-from-home business model continues to grow and gain traction among many successful and growing companies.  Each year, FlexJobs publishes a list of the 100 employers who posted the most work-at-home and remote jobs in the preceding 12 months – Austin-based computer giant, Dell, ranks #3 on that list.  Overall, in 2013 FlexJobs reported a 25% increase in mobile or work-at-home jobs, mostly because technology has made it practical to do more kinds of work remotely. So, what are the advantages of allowing employees to buck the traditional work environment and seek their own personal office sanctuary at home, in […]

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