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Client Involvement for Balanced Books and Peace of Mind

We recently discussed knowing when it’s time to turn over your bookkeeping services to an in-house or outsourced bookkeeping expert and the ways to keep costs low and processes efficient.  It’s now important to discuss what your role as a small business owner should be in the same light – after all, keeping costs down and processes efficient is a two-way street. As a small business owner you’ve likely outsourced your bookkeeping for one of the following reasons: You’re too busy. You need QuickBooks help. You don’t know enough about accounting. You’re a start-up that can’t afford mistakes as you […]

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ProLedge Bookkeepers – Tailor Made For Your Business

As a financially responsible business owner there’s a lot to keep track of: taxes, cash flow, expenses, profitability, growth.  Of course, that’s in addition to daily operations, inventory management, employee management, sales and marketing.  You’ve got a lot of important responsibilities on your plate. They’re all important, but the one thing that could send the whole operation rolling down hill fast is bad bookkeeping – poor knowledge and documentation of your revenue and outgoings.  Many businesses who were otherwise very successful have collapsed from mismanagement of financial records. Many seemingly profitable (and growing) companies have folded quickly due to unexpected […]

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