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The Measure of Success

Developing a system of business metrics is the key to competitive advantage and sustained success. Most companies utilize a variety of general metrics that allow upper-management to track overall financial performance of the business – compared to previous months, years and competitors.  But when drilling down into these numbers for specific insight into business drivers, it’s important to have customized performance metrics that give management company-specific insight into ways their organization can improve (e.g. sales numbers via product, promotion, referral business, repeat customers, etc.).  Work with your bookkeeper to identify the specific areas within your business that need special attention […]

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Five Ideas to Jump-Start Sales

 We last spoke about finding your point of difference…that thing that sets you apart from your competitors.  Now it’s time to capitalize on it! 1.  Time is Money For a small business, setting aside enough marketing dollars to make a true impact on your core consumer base can be challenging.  It can put a squeeze on the monthly cash flow that you just aren’t comfortable with.  That’s okay!  Most small businesses don’t have unlimited funds to execute multi-tiered marketing campaigns.  You aren’t alone.  So what’s the solution? We’ve talked before about the financial (and warm & fuzzy) benefits of getting involved in your community. Find ways to be […]

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