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Know Your Point of Difference

The decision to start your own business is an empowering one.  You finally get to do things your way, on your terms.  Of course, it’s the most important job of your life and each decision you make shapes your future success, or failure. One of the most important elements of making sure your small business is successful is knowing what sets you apart.  What makes you special in the eyes of the consumer?  Why should they choose you over your competitor? So, today we ask, what makes your brand different?   Do you have an “elevator speech” prepared to quickly […]

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Find the Financial Benefits in Giving Back to Your Community

As you work with your favorite bookkeeper or tax professional this season, you’ll likely go over any charitable contributions your company made in 2012.  And you’ll probably kick yourself when you realize you could’ve done more and been rewarded with not only financial savings, but also the feeling of satisfaction in making a difference in your community. In 2013 we encourage you to seek out a local 501(c)(3) organization that has synergy with both your core values and corporate objectives. Next, decide how best to involve your organization with the charity.  Perhaps you have excess or obsolete inventory that makes […]

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