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Payroll: Outsource it… but not to your Bookkeeper!

Many of the clients who engage our firm for bookkeeping services ask us if we could run payroll for them as well. The answer is an unmitigated “NO!”. We absolutely encourage small businesses to outsource payroll, but to a dedicated payroll service provider, not to a bookkeeper or bookkeeping firm. When it comes to payroll, your bookkeeper’s role should just be to ensure that all the payroll information is properly recorded in QuickBooks and that the integration between the payroll provider and QuickBooks is tight and efficient.

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Saving Bookkeeping Cost – Tip #3: Receipts Not Needed

It’s the beginning of the month. Time for your bookkeeper to tackle the reconciliation of you bank accounts and credit card accounts. Should you give her the traditional envelope stuffed with receipts? Not necessarily. It’s tempting because it sounds like your bookkeeper will need these receipts eventually, but in most cases, this will create extra cost. There is an alternative to this approach.

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